Who we are

As children, we remember sneaking into our mother’s garden to raid the fresh vegetables and ripe strawberries. There’s nothing quite like the taste of fresh food straight from the garden, a pleasure we can still experience today through buying locally-grown food.

More than an advocacy group, Driftless Wisconsin Grown is committed to bringing fresh, delicious food to your table. We do this through a collaboration of local farmers and consumers, partnered to grow a local food economy in the Driftless Wisconsin region.

We are committed to food that has been locally grown by sustainable farming practices. Our members value local economic development by supporting our local farmers and reaping the benefits of fresh, tastier food grown by our neighbors who are good stewards of this land.

We invite you to tour our website and learn more about Driftless Wisconsin Grown, where to find locally-grown food, and how to join our efforts.  Together we can help build a sustainable food economy in our region; and enjoy the benefits at the dinner table, whether in our home or our favorite restaurant.